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The International Capoliveri Haiku Contest, organised by the Capoliveri Town Council (on the island of Elba) and by Giorgio Weiss's Il Parnaso Association, is open to European citizens.

According to the regulations, the haiku in competition must:

- respect the poetic structure of being made up of one stanza, with or without a title, of three lines, the first and third of five syllables, the second of seven syllables;
- be written in an  European  language and translated to italian or english (no need to respect syllables number in the translation);

Participants may freely choose between four themes: 1) marine enviroment, 2) woodland enviroment,  3)mining, 4) grape growing / wine making.

Participants can enter a maximum of five haiku, which should be sent via email to (in the body of the email, not as attached file), giving their name, surname, nationality, country of residence and address.

The competition deadline is 30 September 2011.

Eight or more one-week stays with bed and breakfast paid at a Capoliveri (Elba) hotel or residence in May 2012 can be won.
As in previous years, a book containing the haiku of the winners and other selected poets will be published.

By entering the competition, participants accept its regulations and give their consent for the works submitted to be published by Il Parnaso.

The results of the competition will be announced on 15 December on the website and the works entered may be used in readings during the Capoliveri (Elba) “Festival Internazionale Le Voci della Poesia”(The Voices of Poetry International Festival).