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International Capoliveri Haiku Contest 2014

The Prize "Capoliveri Haiku", promoted by the Municipality of Capoliveri and by Associazione Culturale Versanti Poetici, is open to poets of the Five Continents.

The compositions must :

- be written in author's mother tongue
- respect the metric of  haiku’s verse :  no title,  three lines, the first and the third consisting of five syllables, the second of seven;
- be translated into English without obligation to adhere strictly to the metric of  5-7-5.
The authors are free to choose among  different themes, all representative of the natural features of  Isola d’Elba and particularly of  Capoliveri’s area:
sea, forests, vineyards, mines, fireflies, swallows, butterflies and orchids (Ophrys “xcapoliverii”).
Applications for participation should be sent to, inserting from one to five haiku in the message text, and not as an attachment.
The deadline is set at 30 November 2014.
Participants must indicate clearly
•    name,
•    surname,
•    nationality,
•    country of residence,
•    address,
•    postal address and telephone number *.

The Jury will select, among all, only  the valid ones.
At the Jury’s second meeting will be chosen (among those who have sent at least 4 haiku)  eight winners who will benefit of free accommodation in Capoliveri in residence or hotels (bed & breakfast) for two people, for a period of one week in late May 2015 and will participate in the Awards Ceremony.
As in past years the winners haiku  and the selected poems will be published in an Anthology. The winners,  present in Capoliveri, will receive a diploma and two of Antology's copies, everyone else will receive a single copy.
Participation in the competition implies acceptance of the rules and consent to the publication of the texts by Associazione Culturale Versanti Poetici.
The results of the Prize will be announced by Genuary  31, 2015 on the site
The poems may be subject to readings during the "International Festival The Voices of Poetry" in Capoliveri.

* All data collected will be used solely for the purposes of the communications relating to the competition in question, and shipping  the Anthology of  2014 at no charge.